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1st AD is back on again

Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:10 am by V. Hernandez

People who are interested with returning to this unit plz report in here

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Who We Are
The 1st Armored Division is a Realism unit for Day of Defeat: Source based in the United States. As a Realism unit we attempt to recreate a military feel and experience for the era, whilst upholding the greatest respect for those who fought and died during WWII. We frequently host and take part in Realism style games. More details on the game type can be found in the forums. Being a Realism unit, we use a rank system based on the true ranking of the group we're representing. Rank given is based on a number of factors including helpfulness, skill, experience, as well as attitude. In order to keep with the Realism feel, rank needs to be respected. As such, we don't tend to hand out ranks to anyone and everyone that wants it. Respect the rank, earn the rank. A realism unit is built on respect and the competence of the commanding staff. All members need to show respect to NCOs and Officers as well as to the general DoD populace.To better our skills and understanding of the game, we hold scheduled training sessions known as BCTs. These drills allow us to better gauge our strengths and weaknesses so we can grow stronger as a unit. You will have to attend a BCT before being admitted into the unit. Our main goal as a unit is to provide a fun and repectful atmosphere for this unique way of playing DoD:Source. If there are any problems with any of our members, please feel free to post in the forums or message an NCO or Officer to let us know and we'll handle it. Hope to see ya'll on the field!
How to Join
While we try and recruit any players we see that have potential, we strongly encourage you to post in the forums for a tryout. We don't promise entry for every applicant but we will at least take the time to try you out and let you know what we think. Remember, we're big on respect and good attitude so please keep that in mind while applying and trying out.
Why the 1st ad?

The 1st Armored Division's commitment to the civic and military values for which "Old Ironsides" has been renowned for half a century (patriotism, discipline, readiness, self-sacrifice, combined arms cooperation, shock action, decisiveness, and generosity in victory) remains relentlessly strong today.The distinctive insignia of the 1st Armored Division is drawn in bold colors characteristic of the division. The insignia is designed from the triangular coat-of-arms of the American World War II Tank Corps. The yellow, blue, and red colors of the shoulder sleeve insignia represent the combined arms nature of the armored division (Armor, Infantry, and Artillery).Superimposed on the triangle is the insignia of the former Seventh Cavalry Brigade (Mechanized), the predecessors of the Old Ironsides. The tank track represents mobility and armor protection, the gun denotes firepower, and the chain of lightening symbolizes speed and shock action. Mobility, firepower, and shock action are the basic attributes of Armor.The Arabic numeral in the apex of the triangle indicates the First Armor Division. The nickname of the division, officially sanctioned by the Department of the Army is emblazoned under the triangle and is an integral part of the insignia.
Our captain. <3

Our Captain, David Blackmon, is a long time veteran of DoD realisms. He's a pretty cool guy once you get to know him and he doesn't like to yell. Only when he has to.He loves you all. =D
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